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Fishing at York Lakeside Lodges

Fishing at York Lakeside Lodges is available for lodge guests and members of the private syndicate. There is a waiting list in place to join the syndicate.

Our 10 acre lake is home to a mix of species including Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Perch, Pike & Eels. It is predominantly the resident Carp that are most sought after and, there are some large specimens. Mirrors, Commons and Ghosties are all present with the biggest being the Mirrors well in excess of 30lbs.

The best way to describe the fishing here at York Lakeside Lodges is challenging. The lake is more suited to experienced anglers and is by no means a ‘Runs Water’. However, if you take your time and use good watercraft, find the fish or find good spots then the rewards are there.

We also have a list of rules in place to make sure the fishing can be enjoyed by everyone and most importantly that the fish are looked after!

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  • Strictly NO Bait Boats
  • 3 Fishing Rod Maximum (Additional Spod/Marker rods allowed)
  • Carp Care Kit (Propolis/Klinik type product) to be used
  • Large padded unhooking mat or cradle to be used
  • Minimum 42 inch Landing Net
  • Carp Anglers must use minimum 12lb line
  • No braided main line (Spod/Marker allowed)
  • Barbless Hooks only
  • No fixed rigs – Rig checks are in place please don’t be offended!
  • No Nuts
  • No Artificial/Plastic baits
  • Particles must be prepared correctly and are subject to bailiff inspection
  • Anglers must be in possession of a valid EA License (Max. 3 Rods)
  • Fish must not be retained/sacked. Short term retention in a sling/retainer while sorting camera only
  • No unattended rods under any circumstances

The most important rule when fishing our lake is: Don’t do anything that could harm the fish!

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